All our beef is aged. We have Topside, Brisket, Silverside (Corned and Uncorned) and Bolar, all cut to your requirements.

Eye Fillet: Pure and trimmed with all gristle and the side muscle removed. This is the top of the range in steak

Scotch Fillet: This is also known as Rib Eye or Cube Roll. Great on the bbq or frying.

Porterhouse or Sirloin:  The gristle has been removed from this cut making it more tender.

T Bone: Has both Sirloin and Eye Fillet on the bone. A very tender steak.

Schnitzel: All trimmed with fat removed. Can be covered in egg and breadcrumbs and cooked in a little oil or add sliced ham and cheese, roll and serve with a tomato pomodoro sauce. Also great cooked on the bbq and used for steak sandwiches.

Lemon Pepper *Tri-Tip: Famous in America, cooked on the bbq with fat left on.

Aged D – Rump: Prime Rump steak with the top cap (tri-tip) removed and turned so we can cut with the grain leaving a D shaped lean pure rump, ensuring full taste and tenderness.

Rump Steak: The traditional slice of rump steak is cut across the whole primal which yields a cross section of several muscles with the grains running different ways. This results in varying degrees of tenderness across the meat. The rump is medium-tender, medium-fine grained and boneless. Rump meat is lean, with a fat layer and top cap (tri-tip) on one side which can be easily removed. This is great for stir-frying, casseroles or on the bbq.

Blade/Crosscut/Ox Tail/Shin Beef Boneless: All great for stewing, casseroling or braising.

Premium Beef stewing Steak: A pure trimmed cube of tender beef that is great for casseroles and curries.

Mince: No added Preservatives. Great for Bolognese, Meat Balls and Burgers.

Corned Silverside: All home made using our own blend of ingredients. Serve with a nice mustard sauce.

*The tri-tip is a cut of beef from the bottom sirloin and is a small triangular muscle.

Aged Meat – What is it?

Dry Aged: Dry Aged Beef is beef that has been hung on the bone for up to 21 days. This process changes the beef in 2 ways:

firstly – moisture is evaporated from the muscle which gives a greater flavour and taste.

secondly – the beefs natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle which leads to more tender beef.

Wet Aged: This beef has generally been hung for approx 14 days then vacuum packed. This results in sealing the moisture in and reduces the loss of meat due to evaporation.