Cornish Pasties


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Made the traditional way from hot water short crust pastry with a side crimp not a top crimp. Slow cooked beef in a gravy made with Claire’s secret recipe and fresh veges including swede and potato finish off this traditional Cornish delight.
The Cornish Pastie was a food for families, fishermen and farmers, but it shone in the closed-in darkness of Cornwall’s mines. For Cornish men and boys heading underground, the Pastie amounted to a highly efficient food: self-contained, self-insulated and packed with calories. The thick semi -circular edge of the crust could be monogrammed with carved-dough initials or toothpick codes to make sure each man and boy took the right pasty as he headed to the mines. The rope-like crust had an additional virtue: miners’ hands were often covered with arsenic-laden dust, so the crust could function as a disposable handle.